Greetings from the whitest

What more peaceful and cheerful than everything covered by a fluffy snow's mantle?
Since I was a child, a white panorama has just been a reason for an happy morning weaking up and this January was just the perfect beginning of the year: I have never seen so much snow in Turku since I live there. No matter how grey the sky is, snow is enough to make me happy. And not only me! 😉

2018 ended with my work-try out in StepEurope: it was an amzing experience that gave me a lot in terms of new knowledge and positive feeling, surrounded by amazing people and organizing always interesting events and activities. 
The best two experience of last year? Well, first of all, probably the gardening project: the pride of eating the food you have grown and cared with other people is definitely the biggest success that a modern human being can achieve!

Right after, but not that after,          
the study trip to Estonia. 
Beyond the days enjoyed together
with very nice people, what I proudly remember is the hard work we had before: organizing everything at its best from draft was the biggest and most rewarding challange of my work in StepEurope. 

It was a pleasure and a honour to have been part of the StepEurope team and I wish my best to the new members of that staff that you could meet soon in the office!
And I am very happy to say that my friendship with StepEurope doesn't end here, I am waiting for the next events and continue to volunteer. We see you on the 6th of Fabruary for a chilly evening at Bar Alvar, for starting 2019 with new ideas and friendly time together!