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“What the fake? Make the news great again!”

On the 26th of July, around fifty participants have come together to Strasbourg, France to convene on an Erasmus+ seminar entitled “What the fake? Make the news great again!” from 15 different European countries including Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Romania, and France. It brought together 50 participants, by far the largest gathering in my experience. The seminar is aimed at bringing best practices from different countries to tackle the phenomena of fake news and create awareness for the youth and youth workers. The seminar was organized by Amsed and held in a beautiful area of La Vancelle, near the mountain of Vosges.

This 10 days training has used interactive non-formal method of learning using activities, which improve hard and soft skills. Among others, we were asked to do street interviews with the public before (in every participant countries realities) and during the training (in Strasbourg), role…

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