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Asha - Islam and Sufism training 16.7-24.7.2019

Huda: For me the training about Sufism and Islam at the ASHA Centre was an eye-opening experience, it made me acknowledge the most simple things in life. Just being present and doing your best every day is enough. I learned a lot of new things, not only about the topic but about life itself. I will definitely go back if I get the chance to. Tara: My experience with ASHA was more than I could’ve ever dreamt of. I decided to apply for the course on Islam and Sufism because I felt like I didn’t have the knowledge I should have on the matter. My parents raised me as an atheist, and therefore I’ve had a lot of questions and doubts regarding religion and faith. This course helped me understand what faith is really about, and how it truly is a personal path. It also helped me find my own spirituality, and start my own spiritual journey. Last but not least, the people in ASHA made the experience so much more enjoyable! Everyone shared their thoughts and feelings, and at the sam

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