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Touching the wise tree

A workshop about breaking the silence with the use of visual and digital storytelling, 4 May 2019, Turku, Finland (organized by StepEurope and University of Turku).

By Mohammad Momeni

Telling life stories floats in every scenes of life. There is no need to pay attention, your life is already a story as well as mine. We are connected through the story that is named life. We tell stories because we enjoy being heard and we like to listen to people’s stories because they mirror our experiences. Rapid technological developments make it already late to employ just words to communicate and we are already more complicated that texts by themselves can express our emotions and thoughts. Emerging new literacies like digital, information or emotional ones as well as advancements in technology have led us to search for a new form of communication. Digital storytelling is ideal for the social media world we now dwell. It is as an effective tool that enables people to express their voice to a world-w…

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